Senior Thesis

My senior thesis is the model validation of the thermomechanical properties of liquid crystal elastomers, which are a soft material with shape-memory properties. I customized a tensile test rig to be able to perform DIC analysis on the elastomers at various strain rates, temperatures, and crosslink densities, and used the final data to understand how a new model captures behavior across thermomechanical parameters.

FSAE Drivetrain

I led a team of new members through redesigning the Formula SAE competition car’s drivetrain to accommodate for a new motor. I trained the team in CAD, cars, racing, and design principles.

Human Centered Design

I worked in a team of three to meet with a disabled individual, identify an area of difficulty in her life, brainstorm potential solutions, work through the design process to develop a working prototype of one such solution, and identify areas of further development needed to obtain a final product.

Materials Testing

I took a materials laboratory class where I carried out 3 point bend, Rockwell, Charpy, Vickers, tension, Archimedes, and bridge inspection tests. Here, Charpy tests where used to determine the brittle-ductile transition temperature of aluminum 7075.

Airfoil Flow

My group experimentally measured and analyzed the water flow around a NACA-0012 airfoil at various angles of attack, and compared experimental results to simulations in ANSYS under inviscid steady-state, viscous steady-state, and viscous transient assumptions.

CFD Simulations

Across multiple classes, I worked both alone and in groups to create various computational fluid dynamic simulations in Python and MatLab. This particular simulation is of lid driven flow and can be done across various Reynold's numbers and time steps.

Gearbox Design

My team designed and fabricated a custom gearbox with a limited budget with the goal of maximum output efficiency.


I completed projects in various machining classes to learn how to use both a manual and CNC lathe and mill, 3D printer, laser cutter, and more. I later TAed the introductory machine shop class.

PCB Design

I made a working Simon Says game circuit board, starting from creating a project schematic to desiging the PCB layout and finally soldering the board.